They were they had an early appointment they called us we went in early she was happy they were fast they were efficient and no cranky no crying loved it the dentist was nice kind and made sure everything was good before we left and we will recommend anyone who needs to go to the dentist do you guys

Lyric D. March 2020

This was one of my best experiences at a dentist appointment. My dentist was very thorough in explaining everything that he was doing or about to do. He also made clear what I should feel and shouldn't feel. I was never wondering what was going on and that made the whole experience very comfortable. The team of dentist and hygienist were very kind and professional. I'm sorry I forget their names. Thanks!

Randy S. March 2020

I always appreciate the excellent services received from Lawen Dentistry. The staff are very professional, friendly, kind and so efficient. Thank you!

Rebecca L. March 2020

I have only had great experiences. The staff really are so lovely and personable and make it such a pleasure to return for appointments. Thank you!

Audrey J. March 2020

As I have come to expect, the reception staff recognized and greeted me warmly. Lesley-Ann was as gentle and considerate as she always is.

Jeffery W. March 2020

Very professional and efficient appointments were punctual and took the amount of time indicated or less. Rates were competitive and reasonable . I heartily recommend Lawen Dentistry

Gregory T. March 2020

This office and staff , though there have been changes, has worked flawlessly for me for decades.

Dale A. February 2020

It's my 45th year at this dentist office, I was one of Dr Bairds patients when he first opened and I just loved how he treated everyone as part of a family. Now since the torch has been passed onto Dr. Lawen and his hygienists especially Lori I can say the same thing! I love how you are treated like you are part of the family.

Michelle C. February 2020

Always get good service. Very friendly atmosphere and efficient.

Nora C. February 2020

This was the most pleasant dental visit i have had in a very long time.

Anne M. February 2020

Halifax's best dental office

Melvin C. February 2020

Thanks everyone: 1. For getting me in earlier on a cancellation 2. For the expert care I received..... I am grateful to be in such good hands. Thanks again!

Nick M. February 2020

The Red Rose for valentines day was very thoughtful. Thanks to all the staff.

Anne K. February 2020

My hygienist was very informative, very efficient and very pleasant to talk to! I believe her name was Jennifer.

Laurie D. January 2020

Great dental care as always

Margaret W. January 2020

I'm always pleased with my visit to Lawen Dentistry.

Thelma C. January 2020

An outstanding dental office...

John W. January 2020

Very pleasant staff. The appointment went very well. All information given. Great experience

Margaret L. January 2020

Excellent experience as always. Staff make you feel at home and comfortable. Everyone friendly. Highly recommend to family and friends.

Kristin T. January 2020

I am always nervous going to the dentist and everyone there does a great job to help me feel comfortable and helps to lower my anxiety levels.

Katrina L. January 2020

Very happy that the dentist had time to tighten my partial plate after my cleaning. Everyone is always very helpful and friendly.

Joan G. December 2019

My daughter used to cry every time she went to the dentist. Even some hospitals don't allow parents to accompany her, but my daughter has never cried since coming here. It's great!We are satisfied

Xia S. December 2019

Wonderful Visit!! Couldn’t have been more satisfied.

Allan M. December 2019

So happy for the results, satisfied about service, very kind and welcoming staff and professional Drs

Ayat A. December 2019

I have such a good experience when I come in (considering it's a dentist office)! Thank you for the overall positive atmosphere and friendly people.

Reagan K. December 2019

What a great visit!! Loved the energy of the team -- excited to be here :)

Julie V. December 2019

My visit is always great my dentist and his assistant are really great they always make me feel great and he took my partner as a client it's all good.

Veron M. December 2019

Level of service is fantastic and you make great use of technology for things like appointment reminders. I can't imagine going to the dentist can be more comfortable than the experience I receive at Lawen Dentistry.

Dave D. November 2019

Best dentist in Nova Scotia.

Wassim K. November 2019

Love Laurie she’s awesome!

Germaine M. November 2019

Very happy with my new crowns and the care I received from my Dentist and his colleague!

George R. November 2019

Tara was aware of my tight time schedule and worked thoroughly in a timely way. I really appreciated how she kept me posted of the time so I wasn't stressed.

Christine M. November 2019

Always an excellent experience. High quality work.

Ron S. November 2019

I’ve never been more comfortable at a Dentist office. And it is no longer a burden to see one!

Dylan J. November 2019

I always have a great visit with my dentist and the assistant. They always make me feel comfortable and the reception when I come in are always very welcoming.

Melissa D. November 2019

Always an excellent experience. High quality work.

Ron S. November 2019

My hygienist, Jen, was totally professional. She also was fun to talk to.

Don D. November 2019

Thanks for a wonderful visit. It was non-stressful which I really appreciate.

Marionita M. October 2019

Every one is lovely, so nice and friendly, very accommodating.

Cherry G. October 2019

I moved to Beaver Bank and I still make the drive into downtown because of how well you treat me :-) thank you for all that you!

Jillian E. October 2019

Always a great time at the dentist.

Sheila T. October 2019

Always a pleasure dealing with Lawen Dentistry!

Paul M. October 2019

Overall it was a very pleasant experience. I am happy I was referred to your practice. Very friendly atmosphere. Thank you!

Nancy M. October 2019

Smooth and professional service delivery. Thanks!

Robert T. October 2019

Staff at Lawen Dentistry are friendly, knowledgeable, professional, its a family friendly environment.

Glen M. October 2019

Thank you for being so kind and reassuring when I was nervous!

Alexandra R. October 2019

I always feel comfortably at your office as soon as you walk in until your done thank you for takeing me on as one of your patients.

Vernon M. July 2019

Hands down the best dental practice in the city. Every staff member I have dealt with has been nothing but very professional and very friendly. Highly recommend.

Nick A. July 2019

Thank You for your Professional Care. You are wonderful people and I would highly recommend you to everyone who needs a dentist.

Marionita M. July 2019

I feel very fortunate to have such a skilled and friendly dental office!!

Helen G. July 2019

From receptionist to my dentist each of them were amazing friendly,caring and very passionate in their profession.

Joaquim S. July 2019

No complaints:always efficient and very friendly atmosphere!A well oiled machine!!!

Ellen F. May 2019

The staff is so friendly. As a child I was afraid of dentists but the science has improved so much. Me too, I guess. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth B. April 2019

I'm always treated in a friendly, courteous and professional manner at your office and have been for many years. Keep up the good work!

Helen S. April 2019

The best Dental practice in Nova Scotia In my opinion.

John W. April 2019

Seriously, you guys are nailing it.

Alain G. April 2019

Hygienist is very professional yet extremely friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Always giving advice to help cleaning also.

Aofie T. April 2019

It is worth a fairly long commute to know I will have the excellent service Lawren Dentistry consistently offers.

Lorna N. April 2019

A lot of progress since her initial first visit where she won't let anyone see her teeth. This visit she got a clean and fluoride, rode not he chair, got to see Mr Slurpy etc. It was a really good appointment and I think her comfort level has sky-rocketed. She was asking today if she could go to the dentist! See you in 6 months. THANK YOU for your patience with her yesterday and making it a fun experience.

Josphine M. April 2019

Top shelf all the way !! My dental heroes !!

Christine C. April 2019

Tara is great !!! Made me feel very comfortable and Dr. Lawen addressed all of concerns and needs! overall great experience and happy with my new dentist office

Alexandra G. April 2019

I am at ease with my dentist and I truly enjoy the time spent with my hygienist,,,,and love the results!

Carole Henicks February 2019

Excellent service! I was nervous and they helped me out. I had heard horror stories about wisdom teeth extraction, but mine was super chill, I felt nothing and I am recovering very well. Also it look 20 minutes the surgery and I think that was very nice

Isabela P. February 2019

I had to bring my baby with me and the staff made me (and her) feel so comfortable.

Alina B. February 2019

I am very happy with my service here great place great staff syliva is great at cleaning my teeth and great all around person

Kimberly W. January 2019

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