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Meet Our Team

Dr. T. Daniel Lawen

Dr. Lawen pursued dentistry at a young age, due to some influential people close to him. While attending Dalhousie University, he excelled in his education. First, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and graduating with distinction.

Dr. Christo Migas

Dr. Migas practices general dentistry and has informal training in oral medicine. He is compassionate and enjoys interacting with both patients and staff members. His perfectionism enables him to provide optimal dental care.

Dr. Sara Hunter

Dr. Sara Hunter is the newest member of our dental team. She grew up in Cole Harbour and Windsor, Nova Scotia. Dr. Hunter attended Dalhousie Dental School and graduated with honours in 2000.

Dr. Saud Kottapalli

A resident of Halifax, Dr. Kottapalli obtained his Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degree at Dalhousie University in 2008. He went on to earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree and became the recipient of the International College of Dentists award for best combining scholastics, general character, and participation in extracurricular activities.

Dr. Haya Zora

Dr. Zora is a certified Prosthodontist and a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. She received her degree in Dentistry from Kuwait University in 2005, then she attended a post graduate program in Prosthodontics at University of Florida in the United States.

Dental Hygienists

The dental hygienists working at Lawen Dentistry are highly qualified and each has years of experience in the dental industry. The hygienists make it a priority to remain up-to-date with new dental procedures in order to ensure that their patients receive excellent care. They are committed to promoting good oral health as well as establishing, with their patients, oral hygiene maintenance routines.

Sylvia Sylvia Dental Hygienist
Leslie-Ann Leslie-Anne Dental Hygienist
Lori Lori Dental Hygienist
Terra Terra Dental Hygienist
Hailee Hailee Dental Hygienist

Dental Assistants

The dental assistants working alongside the dentists at Lawen Dentistry prepare patients for treatments and ensure their comfort. They also educate patients in good oral hygiene and are happy to answer questions regarding procedures. The dental assistants are also responsible for sterilizing all instruments and equipment as well as obtaining accurate patient dental histories.

Anna Anna Dental Assistant
Amanda Amanda Dental Assistant
Heather Heather Dental Assistant
Jessica Jessica Dental Assistant
Lily Lily Dental Assistant

Office Staff

Lawen Dentistry believes it is important for patients to feel comfortable during their visits, and for this reason, the office staff work to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere within the dental practice. The office staff will process patients' insurance claims and are happy to address any financial questions or concerns patients may have.

Amanda Amanda Financial Coordinator
Linda Linda Office admin
Michelle Michelle Treatment Coordinator
Makayla Makayla Receptionist
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