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Sedation Dentistry Stay Calm and Anxiety-free During Your Visit

Sedation Dentistry in Halifax

Sedation dentistry helps anxious patients remain calm and relaxed during dental appointments. We provide sedation options as part of our commitment to providing a welcoming, stress-free environment.


Helping You Manage Dental Anxiety


Oral Sedation

Oral sedative medication provides a mild to moderate sedative effect. You take the sedatives before your appointment to help you stay calm and relaxed. Your dentist will discuss your needs and prescribe the appropriate type and amount of sedative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sedatives are generally safe when they are administered in a clinical environment by professionals trained in sedation. Patients who suffer from sleep apnea or who are overweight may be at risk of complications. Talk to your dentist about any concerns you may have. 
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Sedatives can slow your reaction times and impair your judgement, making it dangerous for you to operate a motor vehicle. You could also face charges for impaired driving if you are stopped by police or involved in an accident. It’s better to let someone else do the driving so you arrive home safely. 
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