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Technology Providing Efficient Dental Care

The Technology at Lawen Dentistry

We use many advanced diagnostic tools in our modern office to aid in diagnosis and treatment. Our systems include intraoral cameras, low-energy digital X-ray systems, impressionless digital scanning, and 3D X-ray systems.


iTero Digital Scanner

The iTero scanner is a powerful piece of technology that allows us to capture highly-accurate 3D digital scans of your teeth. Adjustments can be made to the scans in real time, before they are wirelessly transmitted for processing.

Think of the scans produced by the iTero here at Lawen Dentistry as digital impressions being made of a row of teeth. There’s no longer a need to take traditional impressions in order to make mouthguards, dental crowns, bridges, dentures, inlays, and onlays.

Instead, the scans are transmitted wirelessly to a computer to create a digital image — which is then examined before being sent to the lab for the manufacture of dental restorative solutions, and orthodontic applications (such as sports guards and braces).

Not only will you get to skip the traditional impressions, but you’ll also get the added benefit of seeing the high-impact visualizations for yourself.

When your dentist uses the iTero scanner, you’ll discover it’s a much more comfortable, high-tech experience — with highly-accurate results.

OP300 3D-XRay

The OP300 Orthopantomograph allows us to take 3-D panoramic X-rays of your teeth and jaws. This technology provides us with unique digital images that allow us to see any part of your mouth and jawbones from any camera angle.

The OP300 uses an advanced digital X-ray to take images. This X-ray uses less energy than a traditional film-based X-ray, which means less exposure to radiation for you. The OP300 is so accurate it can be used to take a scan of a very small area of your jaw, reducing your exposure to radiation even more.

Because the OP300 scanner allow us take images of your mouth and surrounding areas from any angle, it lets us inspect your teeth, mouth, jawbones and tissues for things that may be hidden from a regular X-ray. For example, the OP300 can be used to detect cracks in your teeth that might be at an angle that a regular X-ray can’t detect. Or it can be used to detect infections or tissue damage that might be undetectable with a regular X-ray.

The OP300 can also develop a 3-D model of your mouth and jaws. This allows us to do things like view how children’s adult teeth are growing beneath their baby teeth, search your jawbone for the ideal spot to place a dental implant or diagnose factors causing TMJ syndrome.

The OP300 is just one of the many advanced technologies we use at Lawen Dentistry to assist in accurate diagnosis and treatment of your dental health.


Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera is similar to a dentist mirror and is used to take high definition digital images inside the mouth. We use the camera as a diagnostic tool to get a closer look at specific areas in your mouth. It’s also great for letting you “See what your dentist sees.” We can use the camera to show you an area where we may have concerns or to give you a closer look at your new dental work.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray systems use low radiation to produce high resolution digital x-ray images of your mouth and jaw. We use them instead of traditional film-based X-rays because they are safer, faster, and produce higher quality images. The digital images can be stored and analyzed in a computer to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Sterilization Centre

Our sterilization centre is vital to protecting you and our team members from pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Our office follows a strict sterilization and disinfection protocol that minimizes the presence of dangerous pathogens on our equipment and in the office environment.

Diode Laser

The diode dental laser, also known as an “injection laser” is used for many procedures in our office. The laser uses a controlled burst of energy to make incisions in soft tissue or as an alternative to the dental drill. Because the laser is virtually painless, it can be used to provide many treatments without anesthetic. The laser is also completely silent and does not create any vibration so it is a great option for children and anxious patients.


Our Cavitron ultrasonic scaling system is used to provide a deep level of plaque and tartar removal. It is a vital tool for removing tartar from difficult to reach areas and above the gumline. Cavitron is virtually pain free and is a good option for patients with sensitive teeth.

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