Dr. Christo Migas | Lawen Dentistry

Dr. Christo Migas

Dr. Migas practices general dentistry and has informal training in oral medicine. He is compassionate and enjoys interacting with both patients and staff members. His perfectionism enables him to provide optimal dental care.

Upon graduation from the Dalhousie School of Dentistry in 1988, Dr. Migas received numerous awards for his academic achievement. Since then, Dr. Migas has continued to expand on his oral medicine research, with a focus on bone marrow transplant patients. He has also been involved in establishing treatment protocol in the cancer unit at North Carolina Hospital. Dr. Migas has worked in and managed four dental practices, and he is a member of the Nova Scotia Dental Association (NSDA) and the Canadian Dental Association (CDA).

Dr. Christo Migas
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